Fight Against Poverty

Fight Against Poverty

₹25,000 of ₹1.5 lakh raised
  • Goal₹1.5 lakh
  • Raised₹25,000

Right around one out of every three of us lives in hardship. In any case, we see a future wherein no one does. Navyug Foundation’s main goal is to liberate underprivileged children, women, youth, as well as, animals denied of the verbalization of their own voices and rights through appropriate activities or events against hunger, educational plans, propelled medical and healthcare services including market-focused work & employment programs.

Our sole objective is to implement the best appropriate plans and strategies for achieving consistent social improvement alongside sharpening and advancing moral administration within our society. Notwithstanding compelling social development activities, we additionally sharpen and encourage advantaged youth and natives to volunteer in, at least, one respectable purpose and add to bringing the change.

Work as an impulse so as to bring economical change in the lives of all the grievous, ruined individuals irrespective of their age, sex, and religion with a lifecycle approach of progress.

To structure and execute arrangements that persists for long and are sufficiently adequate to put an end to: Poverty, Exploitation of nature, Hunger, Gender Inequality, Illiteracy, and Negligence towards Homeless, Handicapped People.

  • Inspire the civilized society all across the world to take part proactively in the revolutionary course of the current situation of the oppressed communities.
  • Crusading for social value: Navyug Foundation endeavors to patch the social standards and practices that keep people getting trapped in the destitution state.
  • Our approach is connected to taking care of the conditions that sow the seeds of indigence in any case. Rather than simply dispersing a few goods and supplies that last just for a brief timeframe, we work towards eliminating the root cause of these social issues.

Navyug Foundation not just helps the most destitution-stricken systems when fiasco strikes but is also attempting to guarantee progressively conspicuous local flexibility and the limit of adjacent respondents just as governments to give alleviation to the person who is enduring. Being one of the significant parts of our endeavors to beat the corrupting state of the dismissed ones, we are delicately attempting to change the manner in which people think about poverty and its causes.

While we keep on deploying activities and projects that beat poverty, illiteracy, inequality, and environmental issues, our foundation invests in resources and events that empower people to affirm their own, one of kind, rights with the end goal of upgrading their lives.

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Navyug Foundation is registered in two provinces of India in Delhi (Registered on May 28, 2015) and under Voluntary Social Welfare Organization. Registration under trust act state of registration Delhi Trust Act 1882.
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