Health Awareness Camp

Health Awareness Camp

₹10,000 of ₹75,000 raised
  • Goal₹75,000
  • Raised₹10,000

Prevention is better than cure!! We believe it is a doctor’s responsibility to educate the public about health issues. This is the only way we can alter pubic health-seeking behaviours and break the stigma’s attached to the health in our community.

The main objective of the Seminar is to create awareness in the general public regarding the importance of health and a healthy lifestyle. This would cover subjects like benefits of Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, Healthy Lifestyle, Food habits, Holistic healing etc.

Supporting this event will allow the sponsor to market and advertise their brand. This promotion will be advantageous whether the sponsor’s brand support healthy eating, an active lifestyle, natural skin or hair products, product substitution to replace unhealthy products, or if the sponsor simply agrees with the direction of the presentation. Awareness and promotion is key.

Health Awareness Campaigns are one of the most functional elements in health system that push people to create that big change to eradicate or lessen the unhealthy impact the health issue. Healthcare Awareness Campaigns are meat to trigger that action of change, promise a healthier society with long standing impact in the society.

History of healthcare campaigns that brought down rates of epidemics, communicable diseases by spreading nail hitting messages. Campaigns that let people know of diseases that people weren’t known to before, awareness campaigns that give out powerful messages on prevention and cure of a certain health disease.

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Navyug Foundation is registered in two provinces of India in Delhi (Registered on May 28, 2015) and under Voluntary Social Welfare Organization. Registration under trust act state of registration Delhi Trust Act 1882.
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