Navyug Foundation Going Digital Campaign

In this developing world, technology has replaced humans and the internet has become an internal part of our life. Everything is now available online. We are more socially active than physically active.

The fact that digitalization has bought everything on our fingertip has bought a revolutionary change. Food, shopping, traveling, and entertainment everything is available online.

From learning to knowing what’s happening across the world everything has become easy to access and use cause of digitalization.

Digitalization is the conversion of sounds, text, and pictures online with the help of the computer. Think about the time when we would stand in long queues and accountants of the companies working longs hours to credit our salaries into our account.

Now due to digitalization, banking and money transfers have become a lot easy and accessible. Similarly, e- commerce sites have saved our time of traveling to physical stores and shopping. Everything has gone digital and to survive in this world we need to keep ourselves updated with all the latest technology and its features.

In this modern era, where everything has gone digital and people are becoming more dependent on online service for their day to day activities there is still a small section of people who are not even aware of the term digitalization.

We are fortunate to experience and have all the latest devices with us, but some people are not even aware of the words such as
smartphones,  laptops, computers, tablets, etc.

So, to help those who cannot afford to buy or learn all these devices Navyug foundation has started the campaign called ‘GOING DIGITAL’ to help them learn what digitalization is and how it has become a part of our life. Our volunteers teach children how to operate digital devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

To create awareness among them of how they can use online service and avail the benefit of going digital.

We teach them online backing, cashless payment, how to use online payment as well as a learning app, etc. The main motive behind teaching them the devices and the online service is to create awareness and keep them up to date with the latest technologies and services that are available in the world.

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