Primary Health care Important for Poor Children

When we talk about the primary health care of a person, it contains treatment, Palliative care, Prevention, and rehabilitation.

Although all of these things are accessible for a lot of people, there are still underdeveloped countries or developing nations who are not privileged to have it or afford it for themselves. In the current times, 45% of the population across the world is youth. Among those youth,

several countries come where the parents are unable to provide such facilities to their children. As the future is all dependent upon these children, so it’s a significant case, we all should need to think about to resolve it.

What is Primary Health Care?

Primary health care comes in the entire society, where approaches focused upon the well-being and health Centre for the poor communities, families, or persons. It tries to showcase the physical and social health, or well-being of a person, and try to indulge the thing health on it.

It provides a person all possibilities of Health needs throughout their lifetime or until they require it. Primary health care is not all about preventing a specific disease from a person.

It ensures every individual receives proper care, including palliative care, rehabilitation, and treatment.

The concept of Primary health care has redeveloped over time. In some places, it’s defined as the first-level personal health care service for a person.

In other places, it’s also defined as a full-stack priority for health interventions for needy children or peoples. However, some others think that it’s an essential component for the development of humans, in which the main focus is political, social, and economic aspects.

Three Definitions of Primary health care, based on three different components, are mentioned below.

  • The first Definition refers to empower families, communities, countries, and Individuals by improving their health. It means taking care of each necessity that helps them a helping hand.
  • The second definition refers to the health needs of peoples where the primary intention is to cover the rehabilitative, curative, and protective capabilities of care through life.
  • The third Definition refers to the systematic approach, where the intentions are the betterment of health, including characteristically, environmentally, socially, and economically behavior of an individual.

Why is Primary Health Care Important?

There are three different reasons, which prove its importance for an impoverished community of children.

The first reason refers to recover the universal health coverage of a person along with improvising the goals that set for health-related sustainable development. Achieving these goals makes it possible for the organization to decrease the hunger level, poverty, better sanitation, economic growth, climate action, etc.

These are some of the significant problems that are cover in this entire process, and it helps the poor communities by growing their children’s with a healthier life.

The second reason refers to those ways that become efficient and worthy to address the risk and cause that is affecting the health or well-being of poor children.  Alongside, it also focuses on the challenges faced by the poor children’s in emergencies. These emergencies tend to threaten the well-being of individual poor children in the future.

It also refers to other significant emergencies that occur in a community, including anti-microbial resistance, and epidemics. So, the task of these primary health care providers covers to show as much strength as possible to these issues.

The third reason refers to the negative impact of health and well-being, where the significant causes are changes in rapid economy, demographics, and technology.

From 1990 to 2019, it’s said that half of the child mortality covered by providing sanitation, education, water, and economic growth. 
In this factor, the major task for primary health care centers was to look at the communities as the key factors by providing them better well-being and health care.

How NGO’s are playing their Parts for better primary health care for poor children?

There are numerous NGOs available across the world, which is focusing on the betterment of healthiness in the life of poor children. They are taking care of all of the things that come under the basic primary health care of
children.  Different doctors in these organizations are volunteer going across the places where the health facilities are non-to-zero.

They are checking every poor child, who is either affected by not having the proper facilities or who may face it in the future.

What can you do for the Health Care of Children?

Many of you are reading this information belongs to the field which covers the Health care of individuals.  It requires a loving nature and passion for working for humanity to become a volunteer to improve the health care of poor children across the world.

Navyug Foundation is an organization that focuses on the development of poor or under-privileged children’s living across the world who are not capable of getting basic yet essential facilities like Health, Food, and education. We believe that every child in this world requires the same sort of assistance that helps them to grow well in their countries.
We believe that there is no major thing other than helping other individuals to make their life prospectively and efficiently.

All you have to do is to either join our organization as a volunteer or spare some time from your daily life busy routines for the needy ones.  Whether you are skillful or not, but your presence will emotionally touch the heart of the poor children to get prosperous in their life.

Besides that, if you are not capable of making your existence for this noble cause of mankind, you can also contribute it by making the donations.
What we will do in return is to purchase all of the primary health care facilities, which will help the less privileged children around the world to get better health facilities in their life. In this way, they could grow better and perform well in their life to support their countries.

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