Resolve the Fair Chance of Survival among the Poor children’s through Food

Health is an essential part of human rights, whether you recognized it based upon the states, or countries. The high risk of health illness has found among the poor, whether in developing countries, regions, the world, and household.

Whether you believe it or not, but poor children are striving a lot to have an excellent chance to start a healthy life. Children of low-income families tend to die earlier in the first few months of their life as compared to wealthier peers.

The reason behind it is the poor nutrition they are getting in their life, which doesn’t allow their immune systems to become strong enough and live a healthy life. Eating good food, especially with your family, is the pleasure of life. Because having a well- cooked and clean food tends to provide the ability to do any work with energy.

Especially children’s, when they eat healthy in their daily routines, they tend to grow well both mentally and physically. Sadly, there are tons of developing countries, communities, and houses that are not-privileged to
consume the right amount of healthy food to live a prosperous and healthy life.

There are over 1 billion children who are living in unfortunate circumstances, and almost 22,000 of them are dying every day due to poverty.

Why should we Provide Food for the Poor?

Every year, thousands of needy children are dying due to hunger and malnutrition. The majority of these peoples are living in areas that are underdeveloped or poor.

The population living across these areas are facing a lot of issues due to undernourishment. Having less income, the families couldn’t make it possible for them and their children to purchase food items that will strengthen each individual.

Things don’t end here, as there are numerous other areas across the world, where people are living in such areas, where Food and water both have no access. In such areas, people find it hard to consume the right amount of nutrition in daily life. The reason people are living in these areas is just that they can’t afford to move anywhere else for a better living.

These are some of the most prominent cases most of the organization has found across the world. According to the food and agriculture organization (FAO), More than 1.3 billion tons of Food is wasting by the people each year all around the world.

People who can afford Food are less-privileged to understand the value of Food, and there are also said that 2050 would be the toughest duration for people regarding Food. Because the food resources are getting lower every year, which is raising serious questions among the peoples as well.
The first thing every person needs to do is to consume the food in the right way, so more and more Food would get save in the future.

Things don’t end here, as families who are less educated about food consumption are also eating that kind of food, which is very unhealthy for them and their children too.

How are NGOs Providing Food Facilities for Poor Children’s?

There is numerous non-profit organization who are working day and night to bring joy in the life of poor children’s by providing them Food. All of this becomes achievable when NGOs started contacting people around the world. The idea of their interaction was too aware of every person not to throw the extra food in the garbage.

Instead, the Food that left has to provide to these organizations. The organization collects all of the foods from the people who want to donate them. All of the meals are preserved in a single place and then packed for people who need it.

The idea clicked very positively among the people, and the restaurants who tend to waste the clean Food also showed interest by saving it for the NGO’s who are looking for it. Another way NGOs are doing this is by getting donations from those who are capable enough to provide the expense of Food for a considerable amount of people.

How are Individuals Providing Food Facilities for Poor children’s?

Youtube has become one of the positive things for the life of poor children who are living in different children’s care centers. There are numerous Food channels, which tends to create different recipes on their youtube channels for feeding their family and run their expenses. What these Youtubers have done through their channels is to ask for donations.

People who are watching their videos for a long time are their real fans, and they are also providing them donations for Food. What these Youtuber do from that money is to purchase different items that help them to create
different recipes. After buying all of the things, they tend to make a video of the recipe, which they are preparing for the poor children.

In this way, it becomes beneficial for both poor children, and YouTubers too. As the Youtubers are making videos of these entire scenarios, more and more people sees them as a positive personality and donate them as much as they can.

How can you resolve the fair chance of survival among the poor children?

Different organizations are working with the passion for providing Food to poor children, but the problem is that there are millions of other living across the world who also need this.

Navyug Foundation is an organization that is working very hard day and night to bring joy in the life of poor children living across the world through Food.

We provide healthy Food to hardly reachable places. We believe that every child, whether poor or wealthier must have the right to eat a right and a healthy amount of food, and that’s what pushed us to cover all the poor communities of kids across the world.

If you are capable enough to help us by providing Food to the poor children, you can donate us on our platform and can become the part of this positive movement for making the future of this world safe.

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