Role of NGOs in Transforming Of Rural Areas

Rural areas are the backbone of our society. Even today, we have more people living in rural areas compared to the urban area. People living in rural area are still depend on farming as their primary source of income, whereas, those living in urban areas have a wide array of jobs.

There are still areas where electricity has not yet reached and where people are not even aware of the digitalization world. As compared to the post-independence era, many rural areas have been developed and are developing at present. To develop the rural area government keep on coming with new rural development programs and schemes to make sure that the rural areas are too even priority and to help them developed. But, those schemes end up failing their motive as there is a lack of attention given to those development programs.

After the government failing to help those in rural areas NGOs came into the scenario to help rural areas develop in better ways. NGOs are a non-profitable organization or non-government organization who aims to help the society grow in a better way by fighting against all the odds that are present in our society. NGOs run through the donating they get from the general public. Rural poverty, unemployment, lack of education facility, health facility, and proper sanity are some major problem that need to be looked upon. Every NGO has its aim and motive of to whom they can reach out to and want to help. Most NGOs focus on educating the children for their better future. NGOs have worked towards creating awareness on different topics by visiting those rural areas and teaching them the importance of education, sanitary and so on.

Our Navyug Foundation was established to reach out to the helpless people and help them develop. We organize various village camps where our volunteers travel to rural areas across the country to spread awareness about health, plating tress, healthy lifestyle, childcare, sanitation, etc. we distribute free books and stationery items to the children. We organize
different education camps where our volunteers give free classes and teach them values.

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