Why Is NGO Important In A Developing Society?

NGOs are a non-profit organization that works for the betterment of society and provide support to those in need. NGOs are developing day by day in the modern era. They perform their duties and responsibilities with utmost accuracy and efficiency to help the common people.

This non-profitable organization runs mainly through charity and donation, and they aim to work for effective development at the grass-root level, which helps in bringing a drastic change in our society.

India is a developing country, it has witnessed rapid growth in the past few years, but, the growth has not touched every level of society. On one hand, where the richer are becoming richer, there is still a major part of society that hardly has bread to eat. In such a condition, NGOs have taken significant steps to help the helpless.

They help needy people by providing them with a better life to live through their development programs.

NGOs have not only taken the responsibility to help the poor, but they also take numerous social issues that disturbs the society.

Issues like women and child trafficking, child education, women and child abuse, etc. and many such issues are handled by the NGOs with the motive of helping those in need.

In a developing society like India, NGOs have to deal with different issues of society and to provide better results, NGOs have classified their basic goal and motive.

By doing this, they focus only on one particular sector of people to help them develop efficiently.

Navyug Foundation was established with the same motive to help the minority section of people develop. We believe every child deserves a chance to follow their dream and to help them our team has started the initiative of giving basic education to the children on the weekend, by conducting free classes and village camps. We have taken the pledge to fulfill the dreams of all those children who are underprivileged.

Our mission is to promote right to education of every child.

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